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Saraswati Vidyavardhini Shikshan Sansth APK Download

Saraswati Vidyavardhini Shikshan Sansth APK Download

Saraswati Vidyavardhani Educational Institution
Welfare, Maharashtra

E-School Application v33 – Modak (20 July 2017)

PLEASE NOTE: If you have multiple children studying in the same school and the school records have your mobile number for all such students, you can access all of your child’s data by tapping the student’s name at the top right of the dashboard. Data from previous classes can be accessed in the same way.

School is an art school management ERP state that helps the school manage complex tasks such as fees, results, attendance, library, stock, schedule, staff, salary, notifications, scholars, documents, transportation, online exams, dormitories, etc. -School application is a revolutionary mobile / tablet communication tool between a school, its students and their parents that helps to keep parents happy, happy and impressed.

E-school can get sweeter with the launch of the new version. Updated system notifications and lots of fast loading time and great new features. Updated list of e-school features:

1. Bus Tracking – Find out exactly where your child is traveling in real time on a map.
2. Library – Account for each book. Enable sponsors to browse through the library and check availability
3. Attendance – Check for student attendance and notify parents immediately of the child’s absence.
4. School Diary – Send PDF and image attachments to senders through the app now. See the full timeline for sending information, homework, fees, results by the school on a regular basis!

The following features have been retained and polished from previous builds:
5. Fees: Track fee schedule, payment of fees, upcoming installments and pending installments for payment of all fees!
Photos. Photos & Videos: Get the latest glimpses of your school through the app!
Home. Homework: Daily homework on your mobile!
. School Calendar: Access your school calendar from a variety of perspectives: academic, exams, festivals, cultural, religious, etc. (as determined by the school)
9. Result: Be aware of your scholarly performance!
10. Receive notifications from the Android system as soon as the homework is updated, there are deadlines, results are out or the school wants to communicate!

(For detailed description, price, live demo please visit our website:

……. And we’re still here, barely starting!

In any other demo mode, this application will only work with true data if your school is registered with MR Software. If you are the owner of the school and would like to adopt e-school, please leave us an e-mail: or visit visit Tell your school to stop relying on SMS and upgrade to school today.

Please note, the feature list above contains all the features provided by the school software.
Some features are not available for your school due to school management preferences.

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