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Sword art online system menu for smartphones and tablets. Pay $ 5 inside the options to turn off ads and unlock additional features. The total cost of the Pro and all extensions is about 8 8. Call and text your friends, launch your favorite apps using shortcuts, control music and more.

SAO is built to be stretched. The store offers many free and paid themes and extensions. Themes update the images, words and fonts used in the application, creating a completely different experience. Extensions, on the other hand, are extra orbs that appear when downloading other applications. For example, SMS is a free extension for phones.

Both themes and extensions have an API for those who really want to customize the experience. The documentation is still in its infancy, so don’t be afraid to email us [email protected] For additional help or to submit an application to the store.


Q: What does Pro buy?
A: With Pro Buy you will find … no ads, multiple swipe boxes, custom avatars, weather, directions on the map. It does not give you any extensions.

Q: Can I help translate the app into my language?
A. Of course! You can now help translate using localization (

Q: Can I help you test new features or suggest ideas?
A. Of course! Join our community ( and, if you’re interested in staying on the edge, sign up for the test. We will try our best to fix the bugs immediately.

Q: How do I use the theme?
A: Install the theme, then go to Options, Themes. You should see this as your choice except default.

Q: My extensions are not working (or anything like that).
A: Try rebooting. If it still doesn’t work, feel free to send us an email ( [email protected] ) Or report it to the community.

Q: Why can’t I uninstall the app?
A: This is probably set as a device administrator (an outdated feature from Log Out). Go to Settings, Security, Device Administrators and check the SAO Launcher.

Q: Why is the logout missing?
A: Log out the required device administrator which makes it difficult to uninstall the app.

Q: How can I get SMS to pop up?
A: Install the SMS extension – this is another application, you can find it in the store.

Q: Why is it late to launch the application by pressing the home button?
A: Android introduces a 5 second delay for all services after pressing the Home button. There is no way to get closer to it.

Q: Why can’t I click on the swipe area?
A: This is an anti-killing feature of Android. There is no way to get closer to it.

Q: Why do I see my old SMS notifications even after installing the extension?
A: I can’t touch notifications from other apps. Fortunately, the default SMS app lets you disable notifications in settings.

Q: Why can’t I hear a word?
Answer: There are different streams (system, notification, media). By disabling some phone systems, the stream is usually saved for button clicks. If you have one of those phones, you need to change the stream in the options.

Q: This is not a promoter! Why claim?
A: Arrange it … It launches apps. Although it is not intended to replace your default launcher.

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