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The Samsung Clock is an Android alarm clock application for Samsung devices and it is installed by default. It is the main tool for verifying time and date on Samsung devices. Widgets are done thoroughly or simply by opening the application. The application allows users to set their time zones as well as create widgets with time zones for other places so that they can observe the time in different parts of the world at a glance.

The app not only lets users search for time, but also allows them to create their own alarms to wake up or alert the user to something at any given time of the day or night. One has to indicate his date and time as well as choose whether their Samsung Clock wants to repeat these alarms on a weekly or daily basis.

The Samsung Clock has a timer feature for creating countdowns as well as advising someone with an alarm when the set time is up. Then there is the stopwatch feature which allows the user to measure the time as little as a millisecond. If you want to know how to set the clock, go Samsung website.

Samsung Watch Features: –

The key features provided by the Samsung Clock are as follows.


The Samsung Clock alarm provides many special features such as if the user is not a riser at first, they can use the snooze button instead of setting many alarms to wake up. There is also a feature where when the alarm goes off, the Samsung clock informs the user loudly about the time. With it, no one needs to look up the phone to check the time. If the user does not like the sound of a higher alarm, they can increase or decrease the volume function to increase or decrease the volume

World Clock:

The World Clock feature of Samsung Clock allows one to know the location of any particular world city as well as what time it is. One can see the time of their chosen city by city name The World Clock Time Zone Converter feature offers an offer to verify the local time of different countries based on the city they have chosen.


Those who want to record their work time can use the copy lap time feature in the stopwatch. To do this, one has to tap the screen of the mobile to copy their records.


One can use the timer feature of Samsung Clock without the need to enter time from the keypad. Also, one can save their frequently used time values ​​in the timer. Until the end, if the timer is off, users want to continue the count, they can tap the timer restart button.

You can try Google Clock As well as if you wish.

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