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Samsung Smart Switch Mobile is a connection program between your mobile device and your computer. Smart Switch gives you the freedom to remove your contacts, music, photos, calendars, text messages, device settings and much more on the newly introduced Galaxy device. Also, you can share between cross platforms such as mobile and windows. Smart Switch helps you find the apps you like or offer similar offers on Google Play.

This allows you to transfer personal data stored on your old Galaxy device to the new Galaxy device. Samsung Smart Switch cannot copy files on mobile memory cards. To move your files with Samsung Smart Switch Mobile Transfer, back up with the most suitable fit for you in any way. Restore Smart Switch Mobile, you just need to select the section you want to transfer. Create device-to-device connections, or use a backup file from external storage. If you want to know more about Samsung Smart Switch you can go Samsung website.

The application needs some permission for the application service. Microphone used for high-frequency audio when searching for Galaxy devices. Storage space used to store files needed for data transfer. The smart switch works with mobile WiFi. Also, this application requires the same network to connect devices and transfer data. The process may take a few minutes depending on the size of the files you are moving. However, it will save everything on Incompatible Contributions with the same settings as the predecessor. Share it Has the same features. This application presents images by proposing active use of USB connection cables, more actively taking and classifying data on mobile devices.

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