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Samsung Internet Browser is installed on all Samsung phones. This browser is featured for Android phones. You’ll find tracking protection, a QR reader, and a browser button layout that is easy to use on a large phone.

While using this browser you will receive warnings about malicious sites to prevent you from visiting websites that may attempt to steal your data. The size of the application is MB1 MB and it has a much nicer layout than Google’s Chrome browser.

Samsung Internet Browser for Android

The total app size is 61 MB and it has been developed by Samsung. It is protected by Samsung spam protection and third party filters blocking content, making browsing more secure and more streamlined. Users can create data sync on devices that use the Samsung browser to use the same personalized settings on devices.

The complete Dark Mode support in this browser is amazing. Not only can the browser interface be dark, but it can also change the appearance of the site to make it darker. Dark mode support helps in deep night browsing. Not only does the browser interface get darker, but it can also change the appearance of the site to make it darker.

Turn on secret mode to browse the web privately. You can password protect your privacy mode. It enables users to save and secure their bookmarks and search history. Once you turn on private mode it will turn the background dark gray.

Activate your content blocker to get rid of those problematic ads while browsing with the Samsung browser. Users can choose from a variety of compatible ad-blockers and anti-trackers. You can use up to 5 content blockers for extended privacy.

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