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Salam saves time and makes it easier to pray, perform Hajj and Umrah, and concentrate on your faith. Salam is in the top ten in Apple’s travel segment in 59 countries.

“The first smartphone app to serve millions of pilgrims” – Sky News Arab

“This is a great service for pilgrims, we almost always bring technology to the service of Islam” – Head of Planning and Development, Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Social Affairs

“After all, when it comes to applications, isn’t it about the added value?” We’re downloading the HodgeNet app, users think so, and obviously “- Middle East Entrepreneur

Prayer time – Qibla instruction – Islamic events
A beautiful clock face with Qibla directions, the next prayer and a countdown to your current location – all the information you need on one screen! Select the prayers and Islamic events you want to set the alarm for and choose from the various adhan or alarm sounds.

Quran reader and planner
Integrated Quran reader for simple navigation by suras and chapters. Bookmark notable verses or where you last stopped to track the progress of your recitation. Adjust text, background color, and border options for an enhanced text experience.
Use Salam Quran Planner to finish in 30, 60 or 120 days. Fulfill your goal of reciting the Quran for yourself and complete it within the chosen time frame. Separate plans to finish the Quran in Ramadan. Set daily reminders and keep reading if you miss a day.

Hajj and Umrah Guidance
Guidance is easy to follow on any scrolling timeline similar to social media platforms, intuitive and smooth to guide you every step of the way. Beautiful pictures, informative videos, easy to follow information and present similar duas where applicable where you can read and listen.

Features of social dua and personal dua
Tell your incoming pilgrim’s Facebook friends so they can send you a request to pray for them; It comes directly to you in the app. A personal dua list that you can prepare, save and easily access while traveling.

Friend tracking and Hajj and Umrah maps
Never be separated from your companions on the journey with the Salam Friend Tracking feature on the map with all the necessary service providers and important sites in Mecca, Medina, Jeddah, Arafah and Mina. Pin your Mina tent / hotel, explore the Kaaba and discover major sites with details.

The countries of Tawaf and Sa’a
Provide tawaf and sa’i to track your progress and recite where applicable. These are no longer counting in your head and you are losing track of how many rounds you have completed.
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