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Sectograph (Sectograph, S Graph) – Time planner, explicit list of events and to-do list in pie-chart format – shows how IT works during the day

It’s a calendar in a few hours.
This Timer matters , For timely maintenance.
Planner acts as an analog clock widget but it automatically takes all events and tasks from your Google Calendar and leaves it in 12 sectors (hours).

What does it look like?

Displays a pie chart in your to-do list and tasks (Google Events), Calendar Clock – Appendix, and Widget.
Events of the day – This is the sector, duration and time in which you can clearly observe to follow the schedule of the day.
Combining calendars and clocks, you can effectively calculate the time and time of day planning, providing an amazing visual representation of your employment.

This is why it is useful for you

✔ Day time planning and timing. Add your daily to-dos, meetings, events, and sectographs at any time, so you know how much time is left before the end of the current event and the start of the next.
Ing accounting and work time control. Hold the phone at the docking station at work and the case work will now be completely under your control.
Ule schedule. Keep your phone in hand and see how much time is left before the tiring university lecture ends and never be late for lab work.
7 day schedule. Your daily routine – now more convenient than before. Follow him and perfection, use only the organizer related topics and the app as a daily task.
✔ Timer travel time and air travel duration. Will you lose over time due to endless trips and hops? Control registration, landing and flight duration. Take control of everything.
Prescribe foods and medications to schedule sports activities. Have a proper lifestyle, to see that time. Be healthy!
Go ahead and control the business in your car.

Widget home screen

Use the Widget that you plan to do on your home screen. It prints on personal or work calendars.
The widget is automatically updated once a minute and after the appearance of new events on the calendar.

What’s new?

– 4.2. Start screen, demo mode, advanced localization, fixes
– 4.1. Minute hand set, display of central region setting with clock, other changes.
– 4.0. To-do list widget, a new interface, work time, waiting time for an event, choice to display calendars.

PS: The application will be useful for users of a paper diary – Chronodex.
You need a Google Calendar for this application.

What’s new?

4.4 – Different length events, minute scale, click action, clarity of overlapping events, second level expectations, text wrapping in sector, stabilization.
4.3.1 – Colored Sector, Correction
4.3 – Clock hands, setting color events (calendar color), setting time between events, number of hours, fixing.
4.2.1 – Bug fixes in the list of calendars
4.2 – Start screen, demo mode, advanced localization, modification
4.1 – Widget settings

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