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RTS Siege Up! – Medieval Warfare Strategy Offline APK Download

RTS Siege Up! - Medieval Warfare Strategy Offline APK Download

The foundation of defense and siege in the world of medieval empires and medieval warships!
Command each unit or whole army with convenient control.
Resource consolidation and the economy developed in real time. Don’t worry about slowing down progress through an automated storage system. Play portrait or vertical orientation.
Build something and train meli, archer or equestrian without an artificial timer.

– Medieval castle with stone and wooden walls!
– Build catapults and other battles to break down walls!
– Archers, melee and cavalry ready to defend your fortress.
– Naval units, fishing boats and ships
– Capture and protect mines to get strategic resources
– Comfortable micro management in full 3D
– Save / save game / load game
– Different types of missions in the campaign!
– Play with custom random bots
– Play portrait or landscape orientation!
– Can be played offline

Labor – Resources. They can cut wood and work on farms. If necessary, they can fight.
Moles – Provides resources from captive mines
Fishing Boat – Fishing is an effective way to gather food.
Archer – Effective against cheap, light armored units
Crossbowmen – Expensive, but pierce the heavy armor and protect yourself
Spearman – Effective against horseback riding
Swordsmen – There is a protection bonus against archers
Heavy Swordsmanship – Almost indomitable to archers, but expensive
Knights – Effective against archers and catalfits
Ballista – The walls are effective against convenient catapults to protect against siege.
Catapults – can destroy walls, damage all objects within the radius of projection destruction. Be careful, don’t hit your forces!
War – Convenient to attack things on the ground

City Center – Provides training to staff
Houses – Increases population limits
Farm – Workers can work on the farm and produce food
Mining – Moles bring strategic resources from the mine. I can be caught
Barracks – trains frustrated soldiers
Range of shooting – Instructor Archer and Crossboman
Stable – equestrian training
Workshop – Creates catapults and ballistas
Shipyard – Builds boats and ships
Tower – Attack Enemy It has many health problems.
Walls – Featuring towers, wall elements, stairs and gates. Most troops can enter the wall. The walls can only be destroyed with a catapult. Completely destroyed walls can still be repaired.

In the early stages of the game you need to create an effective economy. Resources should be sufficient to form a planned army. Don’t forget about security. Build one or two towers at the beginning of the game.
The army needs to be strengthened during the attack. Barracks allow you to identify fighters.

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