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RR is the fifth installment of the Focus series game which has other, A, U, F, F, Ao, Ao, RL, SP and themes. This time the focus game is about 2 circles and the main thing is time consuming.

Focus series in RRT but instead of 1 circle, it has 2 circles. All the fun in the previous installment of the series; AA, FF, and AU are very nicely packaged in 2 circles. The focus of the players will be tested on their limits. As for the gameplay of the app, it’s really intuitive. As soon as the player launches the app they will be aware of how to start running it. The fun will be endless following the understanding of the game.

Level of RR

One great thing about the RR app is that the app will provide its own infinite way to solve it at every level. When a player adds a piece, it will have an effect on the placement of the next part. Completion of the level depends entirely on the skill of the players in solving each level.

Rewards and level selection

  • The player leader can stay at the top of the board and play to win medals on their own. RR is available with around 150 levels and they all have their own flashes and tweaks
  • If a player wants, they can return to play a certain level again at any time from the “Select level” option.
  • To get stuck at any complex level, players always tap “Skip” it
  • If a player cannot wait for all levels to be unlocked, they can simply go to the ‘Choose Level’ option and then to ‘Unlock All Levels’.

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