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The Root Master application uses our powerful optimized algorithms to increase the speed, battery and durability of your Android device. You (the user) have to decide which incentive is best for you because some users need speed, some need battery storage and others need overall stability. All these modes optimize your Android device’s Android OS (Operating System), RAM (Random Access Memory), CPU (Central Processing Unit). Each and every technical detail is explained in detail.

Speed ​​help
This mode hibernates most CPU demanding applications, it tests your RAM and determines the RAM VM hip size for better performance and durability. This mode sets the CPU governor which insures performance enhancement. Using this mode will increase the processing power of your processor and you will be more efficient to play hardware demanding games.

Battery boost
It hibernates applications for battery claims. It sets the CPU governor and RAM VM hip size to save huge battery savings and improve battery life.

Durability Boost
It hibernates poorly programmed apps to ensure 100% performance of all your apps.

Unlike other RAM cleaner / booster applications that always require constant user interaction (notifications / widgets, etc.), we never bother you. Install this app after activating any boost mode and start realizing the true potential of your device. You never have to clean up RAM and kill applications, our algorithm is taking care of everything in the background. The whole process is 100% safe and it also has an auto backup system so don’t worry it will never damage your phone.

The Root Master app works best with Root Android devices. If your Android device is rooted, please allow super users in it.

You can even verify this app by checking the Benmark score in each boost mode.
This application also shows the Linux executing code to enable Boost.

If you have any suggestions / problems / questions regarding this application, please mail us, we will definitely help to solve your problem.

What’s new?

V 1.7
– Very small size app (2 MB); Save MB and save time.
– Improved user experience.

– Application purchase security modification.

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