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Liveboot is a boot animation that lets you show logkat and demsug outputs with on-screen. Output configuration includes logcat layer, buffer and format selection; whether to show dmesg; The amount of lines that should fit on your screen, whether sound-wrapping should be used, and if the output should be color coded. Additionally the background can be set transparently to overlay the existing boot animation which looks great during boot.

A built-in feature to test your current configuration without rebooting. While the lines displayed in test mode may be limited and relatively stable, it does not exactly reflect the behavior during boot time as much as it shows you how it works and how big the text will be.

Note that Liveboot will only show up after mounting the data partition. If you need to enter a decryption key or pattern when booting, it will not be displayed until it is done.


This application requires not only the original, it is specifically required SuperSU Version 2.40 Or even newer, because of how the boot-time code is turned on. Alternatively, the application will try to work for supported or otherwise rooted firmware init.d, However, it is not officially supported and its work cannot be guaranteed.


Officially the app supports 4.3+ and newer but really it targets 5.0 and newer firmware. Regardless of version, the app may or may not work on your device. I’ve gotten it to work on a bunch of my own devices in different firmwares, but it’s not. Even if the test run functionality works, it does not mean that it will actually work during boot. It usually is, but not always.

What this really means is that I can’t guarantee continued operation – although it works for you today, it may fail in your next firmware update. If this is a problem for you, your Pro should not be updated.

The risk of bootloops is extremely low, but not completely non-existent. There should be no bootloop, apk or removal of the application /system/su.d/0000 Live boot Problems should be solved through recovery.

If you haven’t used SuperSU in system-less mode, the app is written to it / MethodAs such your firmware must allow it. There are currently no recovery-based install options.


There is also an in-app purchase to upgrade to Pro, which supports my developments and unlock the logkat buffer and format selection as well as transparency options.

Of course, if you have a payment variant of the old Live Logkat or Live Demsug boot animations that you installed all those years ago, this will enable Pro Mode.

Like my other apps today, if you don’t have Google Play, you can still install the APK, it will enable Pro Mode.

Last but not least, there’s a button to enable Pro Mode if you don’t just want to pay for it.


If /system/su.d/0000liveboot.script Or /su/su.d/0000liveboot.script Exists (unlike other files on chmod 0644, 0700) / System / suud / Or /su/su.d/ !), This script will run instead of Logkat and Demsag and its output will be shown in white (studout) and red (studder).

Discussion / Support / etc.

Please see the official application thread at here: Forum.XDA-Developers / Android / Apps-Games / LiveBoot-t2976189

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