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Root Browser Ultimate File Manager for Native Users Explore all of Android’s file systems and take control of your Android device. See the ROM Toolbox that includes this application and adds many more features to this browser.

Root Browser is an Android app that acts as a root management tool that targets users with rooted devices. The app works by granting access to a myriad of features that are not accessible to anyone unless the device has root access. In addition to the exclusive features for rooted devices, the root browser typically provides one with the same tools as those found in any other file browser. As well as changing file names, folders and files can be easily moved and copied.

One of its great features is that this application has the option to select features for a file, such as read, write and play with the ability to compress multiple documents in one file. The search bar in the root browser makes it easy for users to search for any type of zip or APL file. Install any APL file using AndroidAPKsfree application.

Root browser features:

Below are some key features of the root browser.

Access to root directory:

Advanced Root Browser allows users to explore Android root directory and subdirectories with all access.

Advanced Features:

With the advanced features of the root browser the user can use SQL Database Editor, Multi-Pen Navigator, enable script files to be executed, install zip files with Clockwork Recovery, change the ownership and permissions of any file and use an APK Analyzer.

Advanced File Explorer and File Manager:

The application acts as a full-featured File Explorer that allows one to copy their contents as well as copy, paste, compress, extract, unzip, delete and move files between local drives, cloud storage and external storage.

Cloud storage:

From root browsers, cloud storage options like Box, Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive provide direct access to their files. From there they can transfer their files to applications and vice versa. The root browser acts as a file manager for the user’s MP3 files as well as a ringtone manager.

Sharing files:

Cloud storage integration with the root browser allows users to transfer permanent storage options as well as their files from running Android devices. There is an option to send files via email from the contact list.

Organizing the device:

The root browser allows users to gain full control over their device. This feature allows anyone to search and access any file located in their system directory, sort by name, size and date, as well as create, copy, paste, transfer, transfer and delete any file.

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