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“Ringtone Slicker FX” is a ringtone creator and audio editor application. It allows you to create your own ringtones and edit your favorite music to create the best and unique MP3 alarms and notifications! Feature list:
– Inbuilt File Explorer. Choose the audio file you want to cut from your phone’s folder! All lists are mixed in one list and no longer list audio.
– Audio FX like feed in / out, volume adjustment (compression), issue
– Theming, which lets you choose the best UI color scheme for audio editing of your music files.
– Battery smooth scrolling. Edit your MP3 with pleasure!
– Format support for cutting and trimming: MP3, WAV and AMR.
– Zooming for the most accurate ring tone editor.
– Playback from any location in the audio file. Tap on the point you want to start playback and listen to how your created audio will sound.
– Looping for testing. Listen and tune the ringtone you created to sound like the best and most popular tunes for your smartphone.
– The saved file will appear in the standard Android audio settings available for all application sorting (for example if you use a custom alarm application).
– Intuitive ringtone creator interface with landscape-orientation support and tweak-to-zoom gestures.

In this app you can save a part of your favorite song and create a ring tone, alarm or notification from the selected part. Just select a part of your favorite song with start and end slider in ringtone editor, slick save button and app will create mp3 ring tone for you! Users of other audio cutter applications need to create this simple MP3 ring tone to recognize the algorithm.

The app is currently in beta, so not all features are available
The beta app may contain some bugs related to file opening operations, SD card support, or the editing process. If you find errors while creating your own ring tone or you have experienced a problem or just want to say “thank you” or say a feature – you are welcome to email us.

What’s new?

Introducing Ringtone Slider FX v1.12!

Fade in / out, 3-band EQ, volume adjustment (abbreviation) are finally here

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