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  • New version * 5.2.0

NB: Downloads have been removed without notification permission, so dictionary updates will only come with app updates. Sync permissions are also removed. It’s a “work in progress”, so if we don’t get a better solution than this, there will be no more work to sync.


  1. Bangla Phonetic Keyboard (like your favorite Avro keyboard)
  2. National and Prabhat format
  3. Complete set of emoji
  4. Voice input
  5. New theme
  6. Next word advice
  7. Advanced advice
  8. Emoji in suggestion

Permission explained
Record audio: for voice input
Internet: For voice input
Contacts: To show suggestions from contact names. You can disable it in settings
Read / Write User Dictionary: Get / save word suggestions from Android’s built-in user dictionary
Enter external storage (SD card): Save data on newly learned words on SD card and show suggestions from them.

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  1. Best view i have ever seen !

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