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Rez Infinite APK Download

Rez Infinite APK Download

To believe, Rez Anant must be seen and heard. (40+ awards and nominations!)

Daydream ready headset and controller must play

* Includes free exams. Unlock the whole game to enjoy what the game has to offer!

Daydream comes in one of the most critically acclaimed games of all time: you feel 360 degrees of mind-blowing synthesis as you explode through waves of enemy and monster-transforming bosses, mixing colors and sounds with sync and rage throws. .

Survive Project Cyberspace Gauntlet and re-awaken Eden to save the world from social collapse in this action-packed arcade shooter.

“… this is a VR video game that should be in your library.”
-VR focus

“I’m amazed at how fantastic and exciting the classic game is 16 years later.”
– Eurogamer

“The All-New Area X Stage is the best virtual real experience we’ve had.”
-Metro (UK)

“There’s no denying that this game combines music, visuals and gameplay in a magical way.”
– Sixth axis

– Incredible Environment: Classic Rez Stage Field Experience has been adapted for 1 to 5 mobile VRs and has a brand new free-flight experience in Zone X.

– Beautiful Soundscape: Immerse yourself in Reese’s incredible music and sound effects.

** Wired headphones are highly recommended for the best audio experience.

Language options: English, Japanese, French, Italian, German, Spanish

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