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Retrica is one of the most flexible and easy to use photo editing application for Android. This application beats every other photo editing application in the filter section. It supports additional editing features such as randomization mode, a blur effect, a timer and interval shooting for perfect photos.

Retrica focuses more on filters and other staff makes it a filter-centric app less so you can preview the filter on your live camera before you actually take a picture. It is a successful camera application for mobile devices. Did you know that photography from phones has grown significantly over the last few years with the development of hardware cameras, so manufacturers are starting to pay more attention to camera applications and will present it as the first number of the day. Retrica is the most popular photography app in recent times. Although it is offered free to users under normal circumstances, some filter packages are disabled.

Retrica filter for photo editing

Create a standard photo, a collage, a GIF or a video with all applicable filters in Retrica. When applying the filter you will come across three options such as suggested, preferred and all. Choose the option that suits you best. You can star or bookmark a specific filter for later use. There is a filter manual that can help and explain the filters in the app.

Retrica also has your classic effects such as vignettes, collages and opacity. Use the timer with collage to get with lots more effects including fun photo booths. Users with lots of filters usually have trouble finding the perfect fit. However you can sort using the random button. Tapping on it will select a random filter and enable or disable Vignette mode. The app provides a direct preview in the viewfinder so you can see what your image looks like.

You can use the free Retrica app, which can make it even more beautiful by applying different filters to photos taken using the camera on your Android phone and tablet. Retrica is a highly sophisticated photo editing and effects application and has many filter effects such as wine photo filters as well as various photo editing options just like that. picsart.

Additional features

Developed to give your photos a completely different look, you can find additional features like blurring, photos being black and white, converting to sepia tones, and preparing photos switched to different colors. The app has all these features as well as the ability to cut photos which gives you the freedom to cut your photos and cut unwanted areas. You can share your photos from Retrica such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram And Flickr.

When applying the filter you will see a lock with a few retrica features. This lock indicates that the current filter being used is part of the Pro Pack. Unlocking the Pro Pack, which includes an additional 25 filters, will cost more. 1.99. After installing the application, it needs specific permissions before it can start working like mic, camera location and gallery access.

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