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Repair system and fix problems app will test your entire Android system to decide what needs to be done for maximum performance and stability.
Repair system and troubleshooting apps take care to keep you behind any frustrated software issues.
Scans and repairs are performed at the same time.
-Return system slowdown, startup issues
System error check and repair
It is fast and reliable
The operating system and the system make it effective.

System Repair and Troubleshooting App Features:
Analyze and fix any errors in slow start-down
Eliminate system downtime and clean RAM and CPU optimization.
Fix and boost RAM RAM and CPU optimization.
Boot System Boot Android and Speed ​​Boost Fix RAM and CPU.
My Clean my phone.
Android Speed ​​up Android.
Boot speedup.
Fix all problem games.
My Clean my phone.
Operating Scan your operating system
Analyze and fix any errors in slow start-down
Check your phone’s file system
Clear the C cache and optimize the memory
Your applications will launch very quickly
Screen Edit automatically when the screen is off
Slove software issues bugs and errors
Activate by tapping the Home button
Memory Memory release settings omitted
Slove software issues bugs and errors
Repair System and Fix File Quickly usable for any version of Android operating systems
Startup optimization, slow software issues, bugs and errors.
Slove software issues repair bugs and errors and all system errors and fixes it quickly and cleanly and the system fails.
Use this app and feel the difference

What’s new?

Class updates
* Added new scan mode (fast and deep scan)
* Fixed bug
* Add new modes Clean Cache and Clean Data.
* Scan system error check and repair.
* Update style app
* Add data memory
* Add data devices
* Add data battery
* Add a way to repair games automatically

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