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In the world of Real Steel Boxing Champions, players will be able to create their own robot fighters to carry out fierce attacks during 1-on-1 battles. Special moves include jabs and punches because you include them with the help of preferred robot fighters like Atom, Midas, Zeus, Noise Boy and the new and upcoming Atom Prime.

Real Steel Boxing Champions has 1000 different robots that make the world players travel to the boxing kingdom. Players need to dominate the 10 inspirational arenas in the wonderful sequel to the Real Steel Boxing Series by defeating fighting legends from former installments like the New Real Steel Era and the All-New Mysterious Super Boss and above all the undisputed champion by reigning in the super family.

Champion Building

Build yourself a great robot fighting machine from 1000+ robot parts of 32 different robots. Choose your robot’s iconic head, giant torso and destructive arms and legs. Choose from a myriad of paints to customize the look of your robot. Select intro music to mimic your style and give the robot a unique name.

Heroic action

Select a list of the following attacks.

  • Heavy special attack
  • Final upgrade
  • Critical hits
  • Finishers

Follow all of the steps above to create a winning strategy for your robot.

Play alongside the legends of Real Steel

Create your own roster of legendary robot battles with Atom, Zeus, Midas, Noise Boy and Metro. Restore through the entire championship shown at once in the step known as “Real Steel”.

Check your metal

  • There are 25 fights in each tournament including 5 bosses who are extremely strong.
  • Play through 30 extremely challenging challenges and beat other opponents’ time records in 120 different time attack attacks.
  • Do you need to acquire combat skills? Play in free springing mode.

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