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Real Racing 3 offers real-world car racing experience in a mobile game on Android. The cars featuring real manufacturers like Porsche, Lamborghini and Bugatti are works of art. The graphics are great, and the gameplay is immersive. There is a detailed amount of circuits and cars.

Everything from car models and textures to lifelike physics immerses you completely in the racing experience, as you speed around real-world tracks.

Control and gameplay

Player steering has many different control options, including tilting your device or on-screen steering wheel. Driver assistance helps you brake on steering, traction and turns. You can turn it off to get the real feel of the cars. Real Racing 3 features a variety of cars with their trademark handling features. This makes it even more compelling for players to unlock new cars and test their handling.

Every time you win a competition or reach the top three, you’ll earn racing dollars to upgrade your garage by buying more cars. For each level up you will get gold coins to unlock new levels or buy exclusive cars. This allows players to upgrade car parts for maximum performance if they cannot win a particular race.

Car delivery, repair and upgrade takes time. The moment you upgrade your car, you will often have to wait more than 20 minutes for the parts to be installed. It asks you to spend your coins for instant upgrade or car delivery and if you run out you have to buy them with your card.

Because it is called real racing you have to consider every race as true and take care of your race cars. Because the frog rival will damage your car and affect the time. So you have to drive and drive like a racing car using different controller options one you can try Need speed.

Races and tournaments

With your first car you will qualify for the Pure Stock Challenge and Road Car International. Both of them have a constant competition. These include cups, elimination rounds, head-to-head challenges and even drag races. Winning becomes a challenge as you progress. Upgrading your cars will give you an edge every time. Choose from engine, drivetrain, brake and tire upgrades, each of which will give you an edge in your next competition.

Time shift multiplayer lets you race against real players. This makes the races more interesting. In this mode, the cars you are competing against are not AI-controlled bots. Rather they are real people who have finished the race before you. Their times are logged and they will be put in competition with you, completing it as long as you try to match them before the course.

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