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With real football, players are drawn back to the basics of soccer. Players will be able to gain real football experience on both ends and on the pitch and all of it in a 20 MB package.

Stunning visuals allow players to play in 3D stadiums. The polished shades of the players as well as the prominent textures and spectacular crowds make the game environment more attractive. The game is displayed through multiple camera views to give the first-person player the opportunity to have a rich broadcasting experience. With advanced opponents and player positions, challenges can be overcome in a realistic way.

Team building and leadership:

Create your own team by selecting providers through the lottery system. Increase each player’s skills through the lottery and match-winning skill times. Upgrade your team facilities such as stadiums, physiotherapy centers, youth camps and hospitals. Play against other players in PVP mode, World Arena mode and top leaderboards.

Real football is a kind of situation where players can win a league championship or a cup championship win they will be able to play with world champions or be the director of their own fantasy team.


So far the players are not satisfied with the effectiveness of real football and have complained about it. Many complained that after 2 weeks of dedicated play, the game was over and when it restarted, the player returned to the tutorial session. To make matters worse, the game just gets stuck in tutorial sessions. This kind of problem arises from bad internet connection and as the end of the developer; The problem will be fixed in the upcoming updates.

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