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Real Cricket 19 offers the best, complete and outstanding cricket gaming experience on Android devices. This cricket game has been hailed as the best and most complete cricketing game of all time to hit the Android platform. This game has 4.5 reviews from an average of half a million reviewers which shows the popularity of this game.

The developers of this application Nautilus Mobile Sport Gameplay continues to grow and improve with regular updates. It looks like Nautilus has tried to make Real Cricket 19 look and feel like a live TV broadcast of a lot of cricket matches. Each game starts with an aerial shot of the city when the camera literally takes everything from the toss into the stadium to the action replay much like a TV broadcast and there is a pre-medium game show where so-called experts present their thoughts on the game.

Visual and graphics compared to others Cricket Games Improved but still towards the average. Certain elements look like cardboard cut-outs, like the people in the stadium. But we can’t see why the developers would add a pre-match show where the presenters make some comments instead of some general ones. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes of Real Cricket 19, with no player’s name mentioned in the comments.


Generally, no one likes bowling in mobile cricket games, but Real Cricket 19 makes it a bit tiring for technology. There are different types of bowlers whose actions are well represented even though each type of bowler has only one generic action. The game has a variety of deliveries. For example, the off-cutter, drifter and flipper and the animations for each of them are quite realistic. It will also make you interested in the bowling format of the game.

Not only this, you can also customize the field and bowl accordingly. Taking wickets is not easy but it is possible to reduce the flow of runs and force the batsmen to make mistakes.

All the gameplay makes it different from other cricket games. We give 10 points out of 10 in this game.

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