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Storytelling Android RPG Action Game. With the rise of Tale of the Beam and the famous saga of “Tale of”, the developers have finally been able to combine the experience of Android OS with nine console gaming titles. In The Tales of Race, characters such as Milena and IX take the initiative to revive the Old World to rediscover the glory of past heroes.

The fight is straightforward in Tales of the Ray is adaptable to the mobile event control system. Pressing on the screen of the mobile gives the player the opportunity to deploy general attacks on their enemies where the player can use special attacks as a result of sliding the finger in different directions.

When a player is not participating in Adventure World or fighting on the battlefield, they can still take a break to visit their base. Manage each aspect of the base for their individual heroes. As the game progresses, players can recruit other heroes as well. Some of them are known to precede this immersion franchise from other gaming titles. In other cases like in Tales of the Regal, players can customize their heroes’ appearance to enhance the hero’s level and equip them with new skills, better equipment and more.

In short, Tales of the Rice is one of the best JRPG games on Android to present players with graphics in animated sequences from the Round Saga franchise. This game can be called a PC or console level title when it comes to its playing ability and quality.

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