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The world’s smallest RAM booster app that helps speed up your phone with one tap!

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Did you know that your phone runs slowly when there are many background apps?
Do you want to speed up your phone with just one click?
Ram Booster can help you!

RAM Booster can help you kill (shut down or stop) apps running on your phone, free up memory and speed up your phone!

Most of the Android devices are bundled with limited memory. Android Task Manager will selectively kill lower priority tasks to save memory in higher priority tasks. It does not always run at a suitable time, due to less responsive applications, lags behind, especially when you launch a new application after browsing heavy pages. This is the reason for the worse experience.

What can we do for you?
RAM Booster can clean up junk files, fix device lagging issues and cool your CPU temperature to increase durability!

RAM Booster can instantly optimize your phone’s performance, including speeding up web browsing, improving the gaming experience, and prolonging your battery life.

🔥 App killer
You can select running applications and kill them with just one click.

Memory optimizer
Show your total memory usage and show the usage of each running application so you know which app uses the most memory.

K junk cleaner
The ultra-small installation package makes RAM Booster a relatively simple Android application. Despite being small and simple, ROM Booster packs more power than any other booster app, ensuring that your phone is always in optimal performance.

Battery saver
Turn off battery-powered apps to extend your phone’s battery life.

🎮 Game booster
Game Booster can instantly speed up your game. No root access is required to speed up your game 2x with this light tool.

CPU cooler
Cool the phone temperature and reduce CPU usage by shutting down additional heating applications with RAM booster!

Memory cleaner
Kill those apps
• Work Manager
‌ Radam Optimizer
Killing those works
• App killer
• Process Manager
Phone Phone speed
Phone clean
And RAM cleaner for Android
• Free mam
Improve performance
Android Optimizer, GameSpeed
My Boost My Android
Memory optimizer
Kill apps, boost speed
• Process killer
K junk cleaner
মে Memory booster for games, game booster 2x speed
Memory cleaner, RAM cleaner
Games Boost games
Advanced Speed ​​Booster
• Phone booster
• Speed ​​cleaner
Phone Speed ​​up the phone
Optim Phone Optimizer: RAM and cache cleaner
Radam Clean
• Help Mobile
Turbo cleaner
Performance booster
Mobile Boost mobile memory
Battery Save battery life
Battery saver
Battery helper
One Tap to speed up your phone
P Sipu Cooler
. Increase production
Otimizador de Jogos

Game Booster improves your device’s performance, clears cache and junk files, and speeds up processing!

Install RAM Booster now and you can enjoy a faster and faster phone with just one tap!

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