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Made in Europe, Quantum is the best search engine that respects your privacy. Unlike most search engines, we don’t just give you the most relevant results for your web search; We also guarantee your privacy online. *** Efficiency and privacy packed into a user-friendly app, that’s what Quant’s Mobile is all about!

– Efficiency: When it comes to results, we give you results that are most relevant to your web search with complete impartiality – this means we don’t charge for some results higher rank than others, we only give you the best. Search information across websites, social networks, images, videos, music and shopping.

– Privacy: We do not track your activity (no cookies, no tracer) or collect your search history like other search engines. What you do on Coventry is personal.

– User-friendly: We offer you a simple and easy-to-use mobile application.

*** A search engine + a browser that respects your privacy

On mobile devices, it is almost impossible to use Quantum as the default search engine in your browser. Crazy, isn’t it?

That’s why we created Quant Mobile. It combines our powerful search engine with an efficient web browser based on Mozilla’s best open source code in our easy-to-use mobile application.

Quantum doesn’t pay attention to the searches you do or the websites you visit. We do not collect or sell your data and strongly oppose ad tracking. Your personal life remains private. If you would like to learn more about our strict privacy policy, please visit https: //

Thank you for protecting the browser’s do-no-track, block the most intrusive trackers on the websites you visit without blocking them. For 100% private navigation, strict options are also available.

*** A convenient browsing experience

Quantum not only gives you a fast, transparent and confidential web experience, but also a convenient one. Kunwan’s mobile app gives you the best features you can expect from a browser:

– Easily navigate between different tabs
– Bookmark your favorite pages for easy access
– Search through your web history (excluding do not track mode)
– Enjoy relevant search suggestions

*** Quant Junior for kids

For young users, Quant Jr. is Quant’s search engine. Safe and educational, it provides a first-hand look at kids ’web navigation that is combined with Quantum’s standards of transparency, efficiency and privacy.

In Quant’s mobile application, you can use Quant’s regular search engine or Quant Junior. You can also choose between Quant or Quant Junior for search advice. Kids can also enjoy Kiwant’s personal mobile experience!

*** Guaranteed without open source code and tracker
If you want to test or fix it, look for the source code of the Quantum mobile app: Vant

Guaranteed without our app tracker. I don’t believe it because we said it, but it has been independently verified:
Reports.exodas-privacy.uorg.oreports / 381 /

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