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Quadropus Rampage APK Download

Quadropus Rampage APK Download

The ocean world is thrown into confusion and chaos as the sea villain God forces the sea creatures to make his incomplete bid as Pitt. Play as Tack, an excited 4-legged octopus (a quadrangle!) Tired of Pete’s Shenanigans. In your epic quest to defeat Pitt you will be able to penetrate deep into the salty abyss, killing Pitt’s minus troops while discovering weapons, powerups and looting mountains.

Get ridiculous amounts of free content!
Seriously, what were we thinking?
U Fight using intuitive controls: easy to learn, easy to master. Dodge, block, stab, slap, and spin your victory!
Continue fighting forever with processed weapons, levels and minibuses
See your pet starfish as a victory for your fish enemies
Uc bucket-throwing walruses and head-tied sharks are more domesticated.
5 5 Epic Bossfight Show off your skills
Beat the game to discover that there are even more games! More game modes than you can shake a tent!
Master Become a Master: 23 achievements that reward gameplay-change
Neither a ton of powerful patterns that let you shoot lasers out of your mouth, turn your pet starfish into an explosive boomerang, and more
Upgrade your quadrupas to maximum surprise using the booty gained from Battle Battle
Enjoy the company of ridiculous characters: stop your ribs from jerking
Showcase your uniqueness on Google Play Games services (Android 4.0.0 and up)

Get more things using money!
I mean, look how much we just gave! Have fun!
T support our small studio! Want to see more great games? Vote with your wallet!
The Ter Butterup gives you a 5x double profit: Unlock pets so fast your head will spin!
Loot Get Arab Double to maximize your loot: you can’t continue the upgrade tack so fast!
Shortc Take a shortcut: Loot can buy all pets and packs!

What people said about Quadrupus Rampage
Pixelfrock “is a shining example of what a free game can be.” – 91/100
/ R / Android Gaming voted the best 16th Android game of all time
GameOff “From perhaps the best IAP system of mobile gaming to some incredibly fun gameplay, this is a title you should seriously install on your Android device Sarto!” – 4.5 / 5
Androidspin “It should be a crime that this game is good, but it’s there …”
Tom Christensen (Indie Game Mag) “Quadrupus Rampage is a very lively, fun and highly addictive game that you don’t want to miss” – 91/100

About the studio
Butterschat Shenanigans an independent studio. We create high-quality, often stupid and punchy games designed to provide the most entertaining experience, while being fair to our players and ourselves. Stay up to date with our studio at

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