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The Qibla Locator is the only Islamic application that converts Islamic dates with the Qibla Compass, the time of Islamic prayers, and the Hijri calendar and the explorer of the Holy Mecca. You can use this app anywhere in the world to find the Qibla side correctly. As Ramadan 2017 is about to start from 6-7 June, the Qibla app will help you to check the time of prayers and find the direction of Qibla.

Application Features:
Islamic compass with map:
Find Kaaba directions anywhere on the Globe map.
Mecca shows distance from your place and location address.
Magnetic file indicator.
Spirit level indicator.

Qibla Compass:
Qibla is the aspect that Muslims should face while performing salat or namaz. It has been fixed as the direction of the Kaaba of Mecca.
Q Find the Qibla anywhere in the world.
সর্ব The application maker can use the device to show the last recorded location to show directions.
It can be used offline.
Q 15 Qibla Compass Theme.

Ramadan Times
Suhur, Iftar and Imsak with Ramadan 2017 Times
Ramadan is the complete Ramadan calendar.

Salat Times / Prayer Times:
Every day shows Namaz Salah Bar for every day.
F shows Fajr, Sunrise, Smoke, Asr, Sunset, Maghrib and Isha Shaw Times
Prayer setting alarms and notifications during each prayer.
Save daylight for each prayer.
• Multiple Azan sounds
Ur Faqih method: Shafi and Hanafi
• Time formats: 12 hours, 24 hours
নেওয়া Choosing multiple languages.

Islamic Date Converter:
Get Islamic Islamic Calendar 2017.
Reg shows Gregorian and Hijri dates.
Convert the Muslim calendar date to the Gregorian date and vice versa.
Arabic Hijri calendar date in Arabic.

The Muslims of Qiblah have importance in prayer and take part in various ceremonies. In Islam, Muslims are buried with the corpse on the right side of the Qibla and the face is turned to the right towards the Qibla.

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To set your location:
On many devices, this will ask GPS to enable it to get the correct location.

– such as the direction of prayer and the time of prayer differs from different parts of the world. Be sure to first select the method of counting the time of different prayers on the settings screen.
– Find the direction of Qibla using a flat surface device to get accurate results. Make sure there are no electromagnetic fields and metal objects near the device.
– Free use of your cable locator and prayer times in exchange for securely sharing inactive resources on your device for the benefit of others. You can turn it off from settings. For more information please see our privacy TOS. soulappsworld.com/privacy/qibla_locator

What’s new?

– Fixed minor bug.

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