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Now available for Android as a public beta!

A new and unique Islamic app from Kamardain Batul Apps, it lets you measure your condition and track your daily spiritual efforts to keep improving.

Use Kamardein to visualize all of your prayers, Quran recitations, sadaqah and fasting, and to analyze and improve your behavior.

Prayer: Record how you prayed each of the five daily prayers and mark when you prayed Ishraq or Qiyam.

Quran: Track how much Quran you read every day. Mark where you started and where you left, and continue using the Quran application of your choice the next day.

Sadaqah: Record when you give any kind of charity starting from donating your money or time to make your brother or sister smile.

Fasting: In addition to your fast in Ramadan, keep your voluntary fast (Sunnah, Kaffarah and Najr) throughout the year.

There are many apps that help you figure out how much you practice, how much you work, and how much you spend. Your application – an application that helps you to keep track of what is most important to you free download your Allah bless us in this world and in the hereafter, InshaAllah

What’s new?

Changes to 1.0.4:
– Experimental backup and restore functionality
– Secondary tweets and bugfixes

Changes to 1.0.3:
– By tapping the arrow in Quran View, Quran Android has now been launched at that point (or if Quran Android is not installed,
– Bug fixes

Changes to 1.0.2:
– Arabic support for devices that support Arabic locally

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