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PushBullet lets you push files and links between your devices with less than two clicks. Pushing is not just for your device, you can easily send links and files to your friends. PushBullet mirrors your phone’s notifications on your computer, so you’ll never miss another important phone call or notification.

PushBulet is an Android application that no one knows they need before downloading. With this application you can now view all notifications from your mobile phone on your computer and it includes call logs. Cancel any notification on the computer and it will also be deleted from the phone. By subscribing to ‘pushbullet channels’, a user can receive notifications of the things they find interesting.

A quick way to send a file or a link is to form their computer. The app protects users’ SMS and notifications with its end-to-end encryption protocol. Millions of users around the world use the app, all of which add dozens of languages ​​to it.


  • It allows you to easily send and receive SMS on or off the computer.
  • Reply to messages from many popular applications Facebook Messenger, Kick and WhatsApp.
  • Easily share files and links between devices or with their friends.

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