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Punch Hero Boxing Android Game. It allows players to create their own boxers from the ground up and customize their character traits. You can customize his name, his appearance, his resistance and how he’s going to punch.

Once a player jumps into the ring, they have to take on more responsibility. Their fins, blocks, hooks and jaws have to make special moves of the opponent.


The controls of Punch Hero are really intuitive and easy to understand. All the players have to do is slide their finger and draw the line for the punch.

One of the great benefits of Punch Hero is that users can customize the look of their character. They can not only choose from multiple options but also put them in the ring to add them to photos of their winning friend or foe. Still, beware of special characters like armored warriors and robots because they can be really hard to defeat.

Punch Hero users can check out various costumes from the costume shop that include powerful items such as the Golden Night Set. The VIP capsule provides a scalp punk set.


Items are upgraded like league belts and clothing. If an item is selected, it can be upgraded to increase all stats. Items that don’t come with the same enthusiasm as hair will get a stat boost after upgrading.

Zombie mode

If you are not afraid to play against zombies, come in jumbo mode and compete with friends to get the high score.

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