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Break the road and asphalt 7: activate the heat with fast racing cars in the heat. Experience supercars high speed races that will take you on stunning adventures around the world. Featuring multiplayer modes, both single and online Pulses 7: Heat Race will test your skills as a driver. Single player career mode consists of 150 different events on 15 different tracks.

You will start the career mode by locking most of the cars. You need to learn the modes of the game and the details of the garage, starting from the ordinary car. As you win more races and earn credits you will be able to unlock bigger and better cars. To win maximum stars and credits you have to run while performing all the tasks. Such as first position for three stars, drift distance for one and ramp spins for one makes them 5 stars for a perfect race score.

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If you haven’t tried the previous or new installments of Asphalt, we recommend that you start with Asphalt 7: Insulation. If you can’t apply the brakes, your car will accelerate automatically. Tilting the device to the left and right will control the steering and flow. You can kick any flow by tapping the brake while bending. One more quick tip on brakes will stop your flow.

You will trigger the nitro boost by tapping the right half of the screen. A meter at the top of the display will tell you how much nitro you got. Drift and other stunts give you nitro fuel. Once pumped the nitro steering distance will be. You are advised to punch nitro in simple patches. If you need a turn, tap the brakes to end the nitro and enter a stream.

Track selection, graphics and high-speed Music Make the game super fun. There are regular circuit races with a few laps, elimination mode, drift task, a demolition mode, “Emt All Am,” and point challenge “King of the Mountains” mode. Crushing other players and knocking them out will fill your nitro tank.

It’s a fun game with huge fan following. Click on the download button above to start the download to download the game. Try the latest versions of Asphalt Racing Pulses 8 And Asphalt Extreme. Which is your favorite car? Let us know your top score in the comments section below,

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