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Puffin Web Browser is one of the fastest mobile browsers. It is one of the fastest mobile browsers available for Android. Once you use this browser, you will notice the difference between this browser and other browsers. The Puffin web browser now comes with Adobe Flash Player. It allows you to purchase apps as well as store them in the cloud 24/7.


Below are some of the key features of Puffin Web Browser.

  • The Puffin browser is so fast that developers put it into words like “Wicked Fast”. The browser speeds up the browsing process by transferring resource-limited device workloads to cloud servers. This allows the claimed resources of web pages to load faster on someone’s mobile device.
  • Browse provides cloud protection. All traffic from Puffin Browser to Puffin Server is encrypted. This is a security feature to protect your devices from hackers. Security is so secure that you can use the browser to connect to public non-secure WiFi.
  • Cloud servers for the Puffin app are constantly evolving. A newer version of Flash Player has been provided on the cloud.

In short: –

  • Quick page reload and rendering speed.
  • Flash player support provided above the cloud.
  • Theater mode for flash videos and games.
  • Virtual trackpads and gamepads.
  • Colorful theme for toolbar and sidebar.
  • Comes with the fastest JavaScript engine.
  • Incognito mode to automatically clear your browsing activities in this application. Same as UC Browser Mini.

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