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“Puffin for Facebook” is not related to Facebook, Inc. It was developed by CloudMosa Inc. – the creator of the Puffin web browser. The app is a special version of the Puffin browser optimized for Facebook users. Its main purpose is “less advanced” – a better user experience for less data usage. The performance advantage is especially noticeable in mainstream or low-end phones.

Puffin’s evil efficient data compression has made it possible to use less data. Puffin Browser accepts 80-90% less data than other browsers, even native applications. It is even more important to store data in developing countries or on slow network connections while roaming.

The app removes the traditional theatrical web browser UI for a fully immersed Facebook experience. Puffin UI is kept as delicate and intuitive as possible. For example, monthly data is stored when refreshing a news feed. To see a full quality image, simply shake the mobile device.

To fully appreciate Puffin for Facebook, try it on a Moto E phone using a 2G Edge network. Puffin works significantly better for Facebook.

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