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Personal Browser enables you to have a personal and anonymous web experience. Incognito mode ensures that your browsing history is not recorded. Personal browser camouflage mode and a built-in adblock prevent advertisers from tracking your behavior and keep you anonymous.

These features make the private browser one of the best personal browser options available for Android:

Default Private and anonymous browsing by default. No need to switch to separate camouflage tabs. In private browsers, the Incognito window opens from scratch. Thanks to incognito mode, all browsing history, search history and cookies will not be stored in the personal browser.
Lock your browser with your PIN. In this camouflaged browser, all your privacy will be kept private thanks to a free PIN lock.
Advertising Enjoy free browsing. A built-in adblocker in private browsers blocks all kinds of annoying ads (banners, pop-ups, video ads).
Br Safe Browsing. Our secure browsers alert you to malware and adware. It helps you avoid viruses, phishing and other scams and assures secure browsing. The private browser blocks tracking so you can be sure that no websites or advertisers are tracking your online activities.
Browse fast. Adblock requires less data thanks to loading web pages, so you can browse faster and in disguise with a completely anonymous personal browser.

Install the best private browser and start the camouflage!

ব্র Android browser free ★ Personal ★ Anonymous onym camouflage

What’s new?

– Fix app crashes from third party application links
– The original version of the browser has been updated
– Add options to always show popups on specific domains
– Bugfix

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