Precise Level (Spirit Level) APK Direct APK Download

The proper level is just the bubble level with professional soul level or great bubble physics. After proper calibration you can proceed and use a real soul level instead of this application tool. This bubble level is a great tilt meter, the anglemeter is professionally known as the inclinometer. Calibration of any spirit level or inclinometer is required due to the production error of the mobile device or just spreading out of the camera.
You can upgrade your spirit level to PRO version throughout the day by viewing or purchasing short ads. After upgrading to PRO you have access to a calibration guide and clipboard that stores spirit level results.
The spirit level is also known as: bubble level, tilt meter, angle meter, inclinometer, level, waterway, protector, nivel. Using an accelerometer, this gadget can be really effective in your home and work.

What’s new?

– Now double tap to reset the axis
– Added some graphic
– Bug fixes

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