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#### We congratulate Vietnam for the soccer final … ## [Notice]
If you want to translate the language of Precious Ice
In your local language, please send us an email. (Default: English)
We plan to register your original contribution to the app. .. ^^

##### [Precious Eyes] v3.0]Released!

New features: Owl icon on / off + memory optimization + scheduling function

Facebook: / preciouseyesapp /

Please share Precious Ice with your sns friends’ friends

(E.g. Facebook, Instagram etc.)

^ ____________

#### Indomitable .. Uncomfortable .. Complex .. Difficult ..
Precious Ice appeared to solve the problem

Lovely .. Comfortable .. Easy .. Easy ..
Precious Eyes will protect your precious eyes by cutting the bluegant!

## 1. A simple description of Precious Ice

You can only turn on / off in the notification window!

You can easily change the filter mode in the notification window!

You can set the desired value of each filter mode.


– 8 types of modes:
Blue light, work, healing, anger, sleep, eat, toilet, sun

– Even if you turn off the mobile phone, Precious Ice is automatically activated after restart.

## 2. New features

Flash light!

② Quick application function!
– You can run the app immediately after registering which can be used frequently…

#### Pro version!

No No ads.

Memory Use less memory!

Unlimited Quick Launch App + Schedule Function!

– You can register up to 5 (five of them each)

What’s new?


1) Fixes the problem that the on / off does not work well
2) Change the schedule setting method
(Example: 19:00 ~ 07:00)

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