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Pokemon Masters is an Android RPG gaming application designed for players to play on their Android devices. The app allows users to join their forces with other trainers and then take part in 3-on-3 battles. During these battles, the player can collaborate with Red and Blue Caliber coaches; Legendary Pokemon Trainers Trainers from the first 2 installments of this epic Pokemon story.

The story

Passio will begin on the story-line of Pacio Island. Here they can play other coaches around the world to ensure the effectiveness of the find, players will be able to interact with the characters in the previous installments as well as the new exciting characters at the top. Once a player has formed a friendship with another coach they can add them to their squad to fight.


The war system introduced in the Pokemon Masters is close to the core. Pokemon face off against each other in real-time combat 2 teams with 3 coaches will face each other with each of them. The player can attack Pokemon as soon as the action bar is full. Players can also assist their specific coach by using a variety of different objects.

Look for the weaknesses of the other tram coaches and then deal with some of their real losses in order to win the exciting fight. Work with your team to win the battle.

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