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Pokemon Go is based on the Pokemon franchise of video games, card games and Pokemon cartoons. You will become a real life Pokemon trainer and will be able to catch all kinds of Pokemon around you. Your phone’s map icons show you where to catch wild Pokemon, collect resources, and go to training gyms.

The new and improved Pokemon Go introduces special and trading features for its users. With it, trainers can now easily connect with friends and send gifts. Also, take part in the new friendship level system that has a lot of exciting bonuses.


Join trainers around the world who are discovering Pokemon. Pokemon Geo is a global gaming sensation that has been downloaded more than 1 billion times and has been named “Best Mobile Game” and “Best App of the Year” by TechCrunch at the Game Developer Choice Awards.

Similarly, whenever you visit Pokstops which are usually in interesting places like museums, art galleries and historical sites, you will be able to acquire new items. It is here in these Pokstops where you will be able to buy and re-lock pokballs before fighting against a rival coach. Pokemon Geo is a great RPG for exploring Android. It’s great in every sense of the word. The game is well adapted, has an elegant interface and great graphics.

Trading in Pokemon Go

If you are a bigger fan of this dress then this augmented reality game is for you. Trainers can also trade Pokemon with other trainers nearby and earn a candy bonus. Join a community of millions of Pokemon users around the world. To play the game you will need a working internet connection with GPS access. The more you hang out with your phone, the more likely you are to catch a new Pokemon.

Nantic Inc., the developer of this game, used the perfect concept of augmented reality and bringing Pokemon together. This has given birth to the imagination of Pokemon fans. Everyone, including smartphones, has the potential to master these little monsters.

Using a smartphone camera and GPS signal, the game looks like wild Pokemon is taking to the streets of the real world. While roaming and exploring, players are greeted with raw grass, indicating the presence of any Pokemon. Walking around will trigger them to appear and tapping on them will start the beetle battle. You can play if you like playing cards Online Pokemon TCG.

Vanessaur, Charizard, Blastosize, Pikachu and many more Pokemon are waiting to be discovered there. Just walk around with your victory and be excited when you see a new Pokemon. Furthermore, to capture it, take aim and throw pokball. This is a suggestion, if you are not careful they will run away.

Search for Pokemon and items:

Some types of Pokemon are usually present in their local environment. To capture a type of water, for example, discover a lake or an ocean near them. To stock up on Pokাবballs and other helpful items, check out the places below.

  • Museums
  • Art installation
  • Historic place
  • Monument

Catch, hatch and evolve:

By leveling, you’ll be able to catch newer and more powerful Pokকেmon to complete your Pokকেdex. You can add Pokemon to your PokডDex by walking a sufficient distance to get the Pokকেmon eggs out of the eggs. Pokমনmon can evolve rapidly over many of the same types. Make a friend Pokemon on your journey to win prizes. Candy will help you make your Pokemon even stronger.

Join the exciting gym battles:

Rapid Battle Mode will help you quickly team up with 20 other trainers to defeat the extremely powerful Pokemon. This powerful Pokemon is referred to as the Red Boss. Losing it will give you a chance to win a very powerful Pokemon.

A wild Pokemon is being caught in Pokemon Go:

All Pokemon in your inventory need to be captured first and they are all captured from the wild. Fighting wild Pokমনmon for capture involves fast mini-games where players must use their fingers to flick towards Pokামmon on the on-screen Pok পmon. Colored rings as pulses and focus around them. A green ring can represent easily caught Pokemon, yellow for AIT hard and red for hard capture. You can compete in gym fights to train Pokemon. The more you fight, the stronger your Pokemon will become.

To get the new Pokবলballs and Potion you need to visit a Pokবলtop of the game. Pokস্টtops can be found in parks, memorials and anywhere else near your home. All in all a fun outdoor game for all Pokemon fans. Be careful and alert around you to avoid any accidents while playing the game.

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