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Favorite Games Plant vs. Zombie Free Get ready to give plant soil for the adventurous soldiers who are about to invade your home. The game allows players to choose from 49 zombie-killing plants including Pashbutter, Cherry Bomb, Walnut and many more to defeat 26 different zombie species so they have a chance to break down your door and eat your brains.

As the name suggests it is an Android game where trees are the last line of defense against ragging zombies. Plants vs. Zombies is a tower defense strategy that requires you to protect your home from incoming zombies. Players will have to plant different plants to stop the zombie waves to advance to the next level.


Throughout each round, you must collect sunlight by tapping on orbs that fall from the sky or be produced by the sunflowers you plant. Once collected, this garden can be used to grow more plants to dry in the five lanes of your garden.

The zooms move towards your home in this lane in the form of waves and you must plant each plant strategically. Things start with just a few zombies that are easy to kill on your lawn. Soon your garden will be full of zombies of all shapes and sizes. Helmets, pogo sticks and even helium-filled balloons by themselves and zombies that attack from above.

Your plants are perfectly suited to the conditions that may be created. These plants set fire to projectiles, divert frostbite, traps and even zombies, giving you lots of tricks and tactics. It is necessary to find the perfect combination of trees to overcome the incoming zombie waves. You need to balance your own resources carefully while protecting your front door.


Here are some key features of this game.

50 fun levels

Plants vs. Tall Free allows users to play 50 days of fun levels in Adventure mode through the following day, night, fog, swimming pool, rooftop episodes. After completing the adventure mode, play survival mode where the player can try to catch the unbroken wave from the zombies for as long as he can.

Garden Gulls

Plants vs. Tall Free offers 26 fun zombies such as zombie pole-vultures, bucketheads, snooker, and more. Each of these zombies has its own unique skills. So players need to learn these zombie opponents quickly and give their plants quick soil to fight them.

Smart zombies

Be careful by spending your supply of seeds and vegetables, these zombies like to eat so much of the brain that they can do anything from running, jumping, dancing, swimming or even eating plants to reach you. Learn about each zombie in the almanac and soil your plants accordingly.

You can demonstrate your zombie killing skills by achieving 46 amazing successes. Need coins to buy stuff? The main menu allows users to buy around 600,000. If you want to know more about Plant vs Zombie Free you can check out EA support For more information. Some games like Platform vs. Zombie Free are Castle Clash, Plants vs. Zombies ™ 2Forge of the Empire, game of war, Clash of kings. If you want to write a review, install this app and rate our website. Downloads are hassle free because our speed is fast and we offer direct links to all available versions of Plant vs Zombie Free.

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