Piercing Parlor APK Download

Piercing Parlor APK download

Can you handle the pain
Become a perforator perfectionist and spread the billing!

Are you ready to experience your inner rebellion? Ever wondered what the hole got but your mom and dad didn’t say? Wondering what you want to see with a hole in your nose or lips? Now you can feel all this without feeling pain! Fill in hundreds of different holes and styles. Requests Try to get to the line as soon as possible and don’t mess up! Just get ready to feel the satisfaction of seeing your needle slide! Relax and use your precision to target the index to make your hole. So satisfying vibration! Fun and easy to pick up but don’t miss a beat … will you hang out with everyone?

Hundreds of objects and styles for your customers to carefully shape, shape, design and pierce. The final result will make you feel satisfied!
Game Features:

1. Simple but addictive mechanical
Feel satisfaction without pain? Customers will request what they want and it is up to you to match their wishes

2. Run your own perforated parlor
Let customers come. Whether it’s a heart, zombie or skull, you have plenty of ear ring designs to give them.

3. Don’t miss out
It hurts! Be careful about these soft spots

4. Feel the experience
Feel every stab with the best haptics experience out there.

Whether you like tattoos, needles or just want to pierce some people, Piercing Parlor will take you there. This is the best and most rewarding hole simulation game out there.

See if you have any feedback need help hitting a level or have a great idea you want to see in the game!

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