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Easily photograph art with cool photo effects!

Create great images using deep art technology! This great photo editor has many amazing photo filters for your photos!

With the help of “Photo Touch Art Effects” At your fingertips you can apply lots of great art effects: oil painting effects, pencil sketches, pop art, retro photos, polygon art and many more.

Painting Picture Painting: With deep art effects you can turn photos into art. In this art photo editor you will find many great images. Turn images into images and captivate your friends!
Brush: You can use a brush to apply a partially cooling filter.
Easy to use: This is a very simple art photo editor and it is easy to use. It provides a wide range of great photo effects.

How to use this art photo editor?

1) Turn on “Photo Touch Art Effects”.
2) Choose a picture from your gallery or take a shot.
3) Choose a great photo effect: polygon art, pencil sketch, oil painting effect, pop art, retro photo or others.
4) Get a beautiful painting from the photo.
5) You can also tune all the cool filters to get an ideal result and your images will look like real images.
)) Use a brush to partially apply an image to the effect of the image: you can mix a few filters, for example, oil painting effects and pencil sketches, or retro photo effects and polygon art.
7) Share a brilliant photo of drawing artwork with your friends!

This Art Photo Editor has many great filters for photos:
Photo Great pencil sketch effect to make your picture look like a sketch. Using this great photo editor you can easily turn your photo into an original pencil sketch!
★ Industrial effects. Display your photo as a color sketch, oil painting or watercolor painting using “Photo Touch Art Effects”. Oil painting effects can turn your image into art.
Retro photo effect. Make your image look old with vintage photo effects and different color filters. There are many great retro photo filters.
Y Polygon Art Convert your images to multiple art using special filters for photos.
Pop art effects. Create great artwork with great photo effects like pop art.

The most popular and great effects of this cool photo editor are described in detail below.

Pencil Sketch:
“Photo Touch Art Effects” has several different pencil sketch filters.
Using our photos in the Painting app you can create great portrait sketches from your own photos! Customize the sketch effect to create color sketches and use a brush to partially apply the sketch filter.

Oil painting effect:
This photo in Art Filters lets you turn a photo into a painting. Deep art photo effects are based on well-known paintings by famous artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Edward Mancha, Pablo Picasso and others.

If you enjoyed this art photo editor, please carefully rate “Photo Touch Art Effects” on Google Play and give us your review. If you don’t like something, please let us know! We truly appreciate your cooperation!
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