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Turn your Android phone into a GPS phone tracker to set anyone free. Now you can turn your phone into a real cell phone tracker device and track location by phone number. You will be assured that the children went to school / home safely, the spouse traveled safely and your family will inform you of the location during the trip.
Use your phone to find out where your friends and family are in town or anywhere in the world. Our app combines the Friend Locator GPS Tracker on the Android platform with the most popular maps so people can know each other’s current location and track cell phones via GPS with friends.
* Mobile location tracker features by phone number can help you:
Number Phone tracker by exact number
Find the location of employees during working hours
Phone Find the location of friends by phone number
Find the lost or stolen phone
Number GPS is a completely free app for tracking cell phone numbers
* Advantages and protections when you use the application for cell phone tracker number:
Phone GPS Track Someone Alice Cell Phone and My Friend Location Tracker Combine to Map by Phone Number
Families The app was created as a phone number tracker to easily track the safety of family, children and friends.
Your location and your family’s privacy is always our first concern, your position is revealed only to your believers
Know the location or dangerous area on the map when your loved ones are lost and instantly message your family
If your phone is lost, check the phone’s location and follow up on your family member’s phone. To see your phone’s location on a map and track the culprit, location services must always be granted
Note: If our application works properly, location services must always be granted. The phone tracker app always needs to verify your location and it takes up to 11% of your battery time.

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