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Love the moon? Get this 3-D simulation for atlas, monthly calendar, live wallpaper, widget and search for upcoming full moon, new moon and eclipse.

Hold the moon in your hand with this 3-D simulation of the phases of the moon with data updated in real time. Swipe back to move the moon forward in phases. This app contains all the data you need including the moon rise and set time, moon illumination, episode name, zodiac location and moon distance all in one beautiful, elegant app that is fun. It even got a monthly calendar so you could see what the moon would look like over time.

Key benefits:

– Track all cycles of the moon See how the moon looks at each stage, including total solar eclipses, via live moon wallpapers or the Moon Phase Calendar app (including full moon, new moon, thin gibbous, waxing crescent, first trimester, and more).
– Watch the current lunar episode with 3-D simulation created by NASA data: You will even see the shadow change. Includes a live lunar wallpaper and a widget so you don’t always have to log in to find out where the app is.
– Moonrise and lunar time: Look for today or look to the past or future for the update period.
– Look for the next full moon or new moon: You can click the button to take you to the next full moon or new moon.
Interactive and informative free moon app: Easily pull the moon phase backwards with your finger or even “spin it” to move forward or backward quickly. – Current date, distance, episode name, zodiac position and lunar illumination percentage: Updated in real time See GPS detection of your hemisphere and location to make sure the moon is looking right for you.
– See Moon Liberation It completes an orbit around the earth

– See notched and lunar landing sites: Zoom the moon to see a full lunar atlas with the spacecraft landing site, horse and larger crater

– Sharing with friends: Share your images on all popular social networks

Developed by M2 Gatlist. If you have any questions or problems with your specific version of Android, please email us. We want to hear your feature ideas.

Moon images created by NASA / Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio

Please support the developers of this application and purchase the ad-free version from the Playstore

What’s new?

– We’ve added a new feed to keep our users updated with interesting events about the moon.
– Home screen has been updated to show details and moon rise and set.
– Bug fixes

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