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A big update has been implemented with the player roster and improved match AI for the 2018-19 season!
PES Club Manager is a unique entry in the Pro Evolution Soccer Series that will test your tactical awareness and managerial skills that are not available in any other soccer game. Join over 30 million managers around the world and see if you get what your club needs to achieve glory.

New engine based on the mobile version of “Pro Evolution Soccer 2018”
Experience the matches from a 3D perspective and enjoy the enhanced graphics enabled by the new engine. Alternatively, switch to 2D to interrupt each match event from a strategic perspective.
The new engine means player animation and match dynamics smoother than before! Also, more variations of goal celebrations have been added for all the drama and excitement of real citizen matches.

All official licenses worldwide
Includes official team and league licenses from popular clubs in Europe and South America.
Choose from over 5000 licensed soccer players when building your team.
Featuring many legendary players including Beckham, Batistuta, Ronaldinho, and Zico.

A Gold Management Experience Built (Free-to-Play) from the Ground for Tactical Sports Games Insightists
Club Manager is a tactical soccer game that provides a platform for strategically inclined football fans to effortlessly orchestrate every match. Even easier to pick and play, even for those who don’t usually have a lot of experience with action-centric soccer games. Unlike other games in the genre, the club manager rewards your intelligence as a director as opposed to your reaction-time and ball control. As in the real world of soccer management, the results depend on how well you are able to predict the flow and flow of each match to determine how each competition will unfold.

Shape your team for your strategy to succeed
Hire a skilled coach and customize each player’s training system to your personal liking.
You also have access to new player skills like “Title”, “Hill Trick”, “Rabona”, “Lo Lofted Pass”, “Malaysia” and “Acrobatic Clear”.
It is in the case of soccer that each manager has his own philosophy and the club manager allows you complete freedom to form your team in this image.
Compete with rival managers around the world by building a team in the image of your favorite football strategy.

New mode: “All Star Series”
Play a match with a team of 18 players selected from multiple teams assigned to the mission.
All teams select from the same player pool, ensuring slight differences in the base strength of each team. As such, if you want to be a winner, you must rely on your strategic skills.
The more wins you get, the more prizes you will have, so try your hand at this exciting new competition.

Enjoy the season league at your own pace
The Tu League calendar revolves around your schedule, which means progress only happens when your matches have to be finished. Enjoy the season at your own pace without worrying about a specific date or time!

A global standard free-to-play player game
There is nothing sweeter for true soccer-strategists than to win with limited team resources. The best strategists don’t have to worry about limited resources for long periods of time, but league and cup titles give you rewards that allow you to improve your team enough.

This application is a free-to-play online game. Please make sure the device is connected to the Internet before you play.

Compatible OS: Android 4.2.0 or later
* Game performance is not insured on any device not included in the list above.

Compatible devices:
* Any device not included in the list above is not guaranteed to play the game.

License list URL

What’s new?

In June, the PES Club Manager will mark its fourth anniversary after its first release.
The icon of the game will be FC Barcelona’s iconic top Messi, who won the title for 3 consecutive seasons.

Update content
. Fourth year anniversary campaign
Renewal of LA Classic Masters
The number of registered association players has increased
Monthly association rankings for A-medals begin
Special game balance adjustment for special features
Minor other minor changes

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