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Pepi Garage — Create & Ride APK download

Pepi Garage — Create & Ride APK download

Join your kids peppy garage to draw, create, paint and tune fancy cars!
Pepi Garage – High quality app for kids to learn through fun. Amazing tools and gadgets will enhance a child’s creativity, while the equestrian part introduces children to elementary physics.

Pepi Garage is really simple, but a very powerful tool to increase the creativity of the child. Built on the Pepi Ride, Pepi Garage introduces new characters, a handful of paint cans and a whole new bunch of gadgets and stickers. With this amount of equipment, every car will be like anyone else!

Make yourself
Pepping garages are great for parenting. Join your kids in the garage and help them build a vehicle of their dreams. Customization tools are so simple, any kid will be able to use them alone, even though we force every parent to stay for a short talk. Paint, build, customize cars together and talk about all those great places if your creation can come alive. Once this is done, you can leave the kids on the virtual test track or just go for a real adventure. See places, take pictures of your cars in real world environments and share them with your family friends!

Experimental drive
Use your imagination to tune Pepi cars – add nitro boosters, flags, fun tires and other parts. See how Pepi characters react to new episodes with different emotions! Once they are done in the garage, the young mechanics will be able to run tests to make them. Check out race tracks filled with obstacles and child-tuned physics. Rock, water and dirt – everything is included in the Pepi Garage race track. Kids can jump and drive in their spare time or try to determine the best time by overcoming obstacles and solving physical puzzles.

Key features:
Kids Creative Activities for Kids
Room Paint Room, Sticker Studio, Wheel Shop and much more!
Different 4 different, sensitive characters
Endless customization possibilities
ক্যাম Capture your created camera in a virtual, or real world environment!
Great animations and sounds
Iding Riding Challenge
3 For children aged 3-7 years

About PEPI Play
Here at Peppy Play we create our games for kids with great care. We believe we can create rich interactive experiences and set high standards for ourselves. We pay close attention to detail, color and sound to create a comfortable and cheerful environment. We avoid any third party ads in our games.

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