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Do you just apply special-effects filters to your photos?
Apply type filters to your diary just like you would photos!
Create unique photo diaries using typo filters to express yourself and share it on Instagram or with the help of two or more simple screens, you can create a great diary and a note.
We all have different emotions and characters but all diaries and notes look the same. Why don’t we make it a little more unique and special?
Palette adds special sensitivity to your posts and diaries using ‘typo filters’.

“We made the palette because we wanted to find beauty in the shortest blur.
All notepads are the same, aren’t they?
We wanted to stand out. ”- Team Paletto

No more boring white-background diaries! Easily post your articles or keep a diary as you choose Typo Filer in Photoshop.

1. Write your diary
2. Choose type filters and color filters that best match your posts. Just tap the screen twice. That’s all you need!
3. Share the palette on social media: Click on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc!
You can also make a decent photo card!
4. 20 kinds of types and 32 kinds of background and color. Updated daily!

I want to express my emotions better. I like to share my posts on social media with lots of beautiful pictures. I want my baby photos to be much more suited online. I want to create a special post for my sweetheart. This is why we created this app.

[What’s New]

– Incredible app size reduction
– Font download system
– Add random filters!
– Add 5 languages ​​(German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian)
– Improve data performance
– Recover data and Dropbox supported
– Improved Instagram sharing


– Super easy topography notes.
– Dropbox, backup by email
– Passcode lock with Touch ID
– Reminders for Lifelog
– Suitable for quick and social sharing
– Export to JPG
– Tags
– Search [Who needs Paletto?]
Look for every moment, taste every phrase and show how much you cherish what you see every day.
With Paleto, you can capture the simple, small pleasures of life, reminisce with your boyfriend, record your precious baby’s diary, or nurture conversations with your daughter that may be lost over time.
Your memory will be as beautiful as ever, and will make you smile at a glance. Including Paleto [Help! Paletto needs more fonts!]
Paleto currently supports English, Korean, Japanese, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Indonesian.

Help us provide palettes in more languages ​​and kits. To do this, we need more fonts.
If possible, embedded free fonts would be best. We welcome any language or region. Help us make the palette available to more people around the world

– Help:
– Email: [email protected]

[Additional Info]

– Homepage:
– Bugs, technology support: [email protected]
– Instagram: Instagram / Palette /
– Facebook:
– Twitter: Twitter / Palette / [Permissions required]

1. Camera permission: This permission is given for taking pictures for the background of the diary. Our app never accesses your camera when you explicitly request it by tapping the camera button on the Paleto app.

2. Read External Storage Permissions: This permission has been granted to allow the selection of photos for the diary background from different sources of the device (external storage, Dropbox, etc.). And it is allowed to recover user diary data.

3. Enter External Storage Permission: This permission is granted to back up users’ diary data from various sources on the device.

What’s new?

Paletto 2.0 Release!

[New Features]

Image brightness
-My signature
– A variety of date formats
-Resize the font
-Remove ads
– Change language options

-Enjoy 5 new features in Palette Basic Kit and Pro Kit.
-Fixed app crashing issue and backup issue.

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