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Pac-Man 256 is an Android game that is the new source of the most iconic video games; Original Pack Man. The creators of the game Crossy Road; Hipster Whale Pack Man has brought a whole new look to fans of the game but has made it a cult classic while maintaining the basic universality of the game.

This version of PAC-MAN is infinitely different from the original. This means there is no level. The game is an endless one and only ends when a ghost kills the pack man or when the players reach the end of the level. If players do not move fast in the endless maze of this game, they will face dire consequences.

Control system of PAC-MN256

The control system of the PAC-Man 256 can be adapted to touch-screen devices. Players just have to slide their finger where they want to be their pack man. As players go through this maze they can also pick up classic power-ups to get protection against ghosts. Players can get the famous pill that allows Pac Man to eat ghosts. Another great item is the special laser.

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