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The Outlook application for Android is an email management application from Microsoft. Outlook email can handle large attachments and contains 1TB of inbox storage space. Focused inbox options enable users to sort important emails.

With the help of Outlook, millions of users can easily access their email accounts. They can also view their files and calendar schedules. Easily switch between their emails and calendars to edit their new meeting schedule. The Outlook app lets you directly import social media contacts into your address book. Users can add other non-Microsoft email accounts to their Outlook profile. It conveniently brings all emails from your other inboxes into a single application. The Outlook app for Android scans all incoming and outgoing mail for viruses and it blocks images and restricts downloads from unknown addresses.

All of the above manages the outlook in one convenient place. The app was recently designed. So, now it allows users to do more from one inbox. Outlook automatically allows you to see the most important ones in your inbox by notifying the above messages.

You can share your availability with a few tapes. Allows the app to hold a hold of a specific file from the file list and attach it to an email access Now you can manage your busy day easily and efficiently with just a few tapes.

This Microsoft Outlook works perfectly with the following.

You can create color-coded sections using category tags for emails. For example, tag all messages, including all family messages, or attached photos, and easily search in the future by searching or using filters.

Using the Outlook application

Writing an email using Outlook is very easy. You’ll find tools to adjust font sizes and types. The conversation feature lets you view all messages that were sent and received from a single recipient in a view window, so you don’t have to search every message in the conversation thread. You can also create a unique signature that is automatically placed at the bottom of all outgoing messages, and the program can be set to send auto-reply emails while you’re away.

The maximum attachment size per email with support for multiple file uploads is set to 50MB. Attachments look like thumbnails in outgoing and incoming email messages. You can preview an attachment without downloading the file. This is a good way to save space, but it’s also a good security feature as you can see if the file is valid before downloading it to your desktop.

The Outlook app gives you access to a few more great programs, including a task calendar. This is probably the best and most seamless way of any connection to a free email service. It’s easy to set up appointments and receive email reminders.


Below are some key features that users will like about this app.

  • The status of the industry’s inbox management feature lets users first display their most important messages.
  • Inbox can be managed with swipe gestures and smart filters
  • Users have easy and efficient access to their calendars and files directly from their inbox.

Just like the app WordsReady, Excel and PowerPoint available.

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