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Optimize Your Ads APK Download

Optimize Your Ads APK Download

Standout feature

– Custom Audience: Automatically creates a file that filters out non-potential customers.
– Pixels: automatically generates, tests, and collects only the best pixels to optimize the advertising budget.
– Goal: Automatically checks a database and advises potential customers for a specific product or promotion.
– Recover: Automatically contact potential customers who are considering purchasing your products using your AI (based on the action of clicking, viewing and adding products to cart …).
– Re-marketing: Automatically scans customers’ emails (which are linked to their Facebook) and resubmits scripted mails.
– Managing publicity skills: Automatically adjusts budgets based on publicity skills.

– Automatically generate reports and evaluations for your promotion and divide the results into three levels.
– Automatically rejects refund orders if ads exceed your budget (return rate is set at 10 to 20% of the promotion budget).
– Reaches the door to automatically increase the debt limit for advertising activities.

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