OpenSignal – 3G 4G WiFi Maps & Speed Test APK Download for Android

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With OpenSignal you can see the cell towers around you on a map and the signal compass will point you in the direction you need to go to improve your connection instantly.
Maps and radar views of cell cell towers and WiFi routers
, Speed ​​test for download, upload and delay
Ove coverage maps let you see the best / worst locations for 2G, 3G and 4G
Maps also show network speed and reliability
Cell See local cell towers
✓ Free and ad-free


Id widget
Share your searches and compare your connections with other users
Signal Personal statistics of your signal quality
Set live wallpapers that vary with signal strength – see
SD Save data to your SD card

You need SMS permission to count the number of SMS sent to search for your usage, SMS is never read (use a packet sniffer to check!)
Phone Settings Allows to reset the network on some Android versions

Based on our community-generated data we are able to help you stay better connected with an effective solution to the problem of slow mobile internet and drop calls. Just follow our signal compass to walk towards better phone signals or see our app-app coverage maps to see which carrier is best for the change you’re considering. Our WiFi maps help you find local public-access wireless networks (WAPs).

Speed ​​test works on cellular and WiFi, DSL, Adsell and cable connections. We measure pings on popular servers like Google and Facebook. Similarly our download and upload tests are running on a network of CDNs to recreate speeds from sites like Netflix and YouTube.

The Statistics tab helps you monitor your usage, so there’s no risk of data, voice or text exceeding your plan. (NB – This is why the application needs permission to access and access SMS, these are the permissions needed to count calls and text, messages are never accessed or read!).

We use Google Maps in our apps, email us if you can’t access Google Maps, email us for other map technology requests.

Maps not updated in real-time. Don’t worry though, we log our shared information with you to improve our coverage maps and signal information. We’re working hard to make sure the data that contributes to your project is available to everyone as quickly as possible.

– Not all towers and wireless routers are in our database – We are working on it!
– Of the towers displayed on the map, CDMA users (e.g. Verizon and Sprint) will see only one tower that they have attached as highlighted.
– Driving towards your cell tower (signal compass) does not always improve reception due to interference effects / local geography.

Advanced Note:
– For GSM, the cell tower can be identified by cell ID and location area code (CID and LAC)
– Cell towers for CDMA are identified by Network ID, Base Sub-Station ID and System ID (NID, BSSID and SID).

If you read here (!) You really need to join OpenSignal Beta to help improve our application:

Previously: opensignalmaps

What’s new?

– Improving Spanish translations
– New Arabic translation (we still need optimization for right-to-left layouts)

If you are not an Arabic speaker, you just don’t like the look of the characters and they look very nice unless you don’t get the most interesting updates.

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