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OP-Mobile is a convenient and secure application for managing your banking and insurance matters whenever and wherever you are. It’s quick and easy to get started. To go everywhere with you, OP-Mobile is actually now the most popular daily transaction channel offered by OP!

OP customers will be able to download OP-Mobile for free and login with their online bank user identifiers.

OP-Mobile enables you to:

Log in and confirm the transaction with mobile key
Transfer to your own account without confirmation
Bar Pay the bill using a barcode
Pay your friend or online store with just a phone number
Account View your account balance and payroll data
See your loan details and repay the additional loan
Stock trading without Mation confirmation
Buy Insurance and view your insurance data
A Submit a loss report quickly
Instructions Seek instructions and assistance in case of loss, damage or accident
Travel Show your travel insurance card in the language of the destination country
Extend the credit limit of OP OP-Visa card

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does OP-Mobile ask permission to use other applications on my device such as contacts, cameras or phones?
Answer: Here is why the application needs permission for OP-Mobile:

Acts Contacts: Get customer’s phone number for Certo payment
• Location: To locate and provide directions to the nearest branch office and auto ATM
• Phone calls: Customer service numbers of OP Banking and Insurance Services to enable you to make direct calls from OP Mobile
/ Photos / Media / Files: To save payment accounts and account transactions from OP-Mobile to your device
• Camera: To scan the barcode of a bill
Phone Status: Because device information is required to use the mobile key.

Q: Why are screenshots blocked?
A: Screenshots may contain information related to bank privacy. Since screenshots are stored in the device’s cache, sensitive information may remain long after you log out. All screenshots help guarantee that user information is only displayed to the logged in user.

Q: Why can’t I use OP-Mobile with Android Developer preview versions?
Answer: We can guarantee the safe operation of OP-Mobile only for the officially released Android versions.

Q: Why does fingerprint authentication not work on my device?
Answer: On some devices, potential errors in the implementation of fingerprint functionality may prevent OP-Mobile from enabling fingerprint authentication.

Q: Where can I get my salary data?
Ans: To view your salary data on OP-Mobile, go to Money> Accounts & Cards> Salary Data.

Q: My device is rooted. Will OP-Mobile work normally on my device?
A: The use of mobile keys and fingerprint authentication on rooted devices has been prevented due to data protection. Otherwise the use of OP-Mobile on the root device is not prevented. Due to data protection, however, we recommend that you unroot your device.

Q: Why does Google Play say that even though I am in Finland, OP-Mobile is not available in my country?
Answer: Google determines the availability of apps based on the country settings of the user’s Google account. If the country setting is other than Finland, OP-Mobile is not available.

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